Friday, November 22, 2013

The Rise of Bruticus: Part 4 - One Team, One Unit (Plus One more member)

Note: Previous entry is here

Initially, these two units were released separately. 

The version that I got came on a single box. 

It transformed this...

...into this.

And to form Bruticus...
Brawl transforms into a left leg,

Swindle into the right leg,

Vortex into a left hand,

Blast off into the right hand,

and Onslaught into the torso,

to form this.
I'm always at awe.

His first weapons are these pairs of back cannon...

Which can fold forward to become shoulder cannons.

He also has this anti material rifle.

Double shot guns,


He has this dagger (remember blast off's cleaver/sword?)

Which can also be held reversely although not securely.

Additionally, my set includes this extra gun w/c was not included in the initial release.

Which also transforms into a robot named QUAKE. 

It pays homage to a character named Shockwave during their encounter in this particular episode.

Looks nice, but for me, I don't like this gun because it can't be held securely.

Die pointless freebie!!!!!!!hehe.

Next time, on the final entry, we'll look at the different variations of Bruticus including this particular version.

Stay tuned!


Note: Part 5 is already here!

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