Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Top 10 Fictional Mechs of All Time

(Disclaimer: Pics aren't mine and I'm not claiming any ownership of them. They are just random pics in the net.)

For me, a MECH has 3 distinct characteristics:

1. Mechanical 
-Thus the term (obviously)

2. Human-like form/motion/movements
-They should assume some human like form and movement like walking and holding on or grabbing on to something in order to differentiate them from cars, planes, ships or any vehicle.

3. Non sentient
-If a machine is sentient or alive by itself in anyway (like it has some sort of self automation or it has some form of 'consciousness'), then it no longer needs human input - thus it is already an "organism" on its own. They could no longer be considered as machines.

One example is this Mech from the Movie Series "Aliens". This is probably one of the basic mechs there is.

Of course, humanoid robots can still be considered as MECHs as long they satisfy the 3 characteristics, like this one - Seibzehn from the Video Game "Xeno Gears"

On w/ the countdown...

10. Stier from the Video Game "Xeno Gears"

-In the game, Stier is piloted by Rico Banderas (not in anyway related to Antonio). This Gear (as the Mechs in game are called) has a drill on his one arm and a some sort huge tube like engine on his back. Like other gears, he was able to evolve into a more powerful gear later on the game.

9. The Goliath Unit from the PC Game "Starcraft"

-This unit falls under the category of a basic mech - just a basic walker w/ a pair of Gatling guns as hands. It still looks very menacing though. It can take both land and air units w/ its weapons.

8. The APU (Armored Personnel unit) from the Movie "Matrix: Revolutions"

-This still falls under the basic mech category - but very mean and nasty nonetheless.

7. The Giant Spider Mech in the Movie "Wild Wild West"

-An example of a 19th century mech - very feasible on that time, it seems. 

6. Tiandong from the Video Game "Front Mission 3"

Front Mission is a turn based rpg. I managed to finish playing the the third installment, and Tiandong simple is the most memorable unit for me.It reminds me of Juggernaut. It looks very bulky and very visually appealing during melee combat.

5. The Utrasaurus from the Toyline and Anime series "Zoids"

-Zoids (short for "Zoic Androids") is one of the gray areas in the realm of fictional Mechs. On one series, they describe that there are two kinds or zoids: The Wild Zoids and the Artificial ones. They have "zoid core" w/c can be considered as the heart (or the soul) of a Zoid - w/c can object the 3rd characteristic for Mechs because it's "alive" at some degree.

 -But if we consider Zoids as Mechs, my favorite one is the Ultrasaurus. It simply is a giant walking and floating battle fortress.

-It even become more menacing w/ this - the gravity cannon.

4. The AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer) from the Movie Series "Starwars"

-I'm not a huge fan of the Starwars series, but this is my favorite unit of all of them. It's a six legged walker, personnel transport carrier, and a giant artillery/tank all at the same time.

3. The Gundam Devil from the Toyline and Anime Series "Gundam-G"

-The Gundam Devil is one of the largest Gundam there is, but then again it still is a gray area for Mechs for being alive at some level. It has different forms as you can see, this is due to the several self repair that this unit has undergone in the Anime Series.

2. The SDF-1 (Super Dimentional Fortress) from the Anime Series "Macross"

-I can't describe how this unit can sometimes look so lame and simple, but nonethe less, it's very interesting. It is considered to be one of the largest fictional Mech there is. It holds a full city on it (Macross City) and a squadron of Macross Valkeries.

1. Deathscythe from the Toyline and Anime Movie "Gundam Wings: Endless Waltz"

-If I'm going to pilot one Mech in my life, it would be Deathscythe - speed, stealth, and slash all in one!


I'm confident that one day, these mechs will see itself into reality - I just hope that they will be for good use by when the time comes. 

Thanks for reading! :)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Food Trip - The French Baker

"The best food comes from France..." - from the film Ratatouille

...and the best way to start your week is to treat yourself w/ a good food - and for me, this is gotta be it...

The French Baker is probably my favorite dining place. The food simply is so good. If you're a bread or pasta lover, this is one of the best place to be.

Well, actually, this is quite confusing. You see, it says French, but they also have Italian cooking as well (already w/ a French touch, I think.)

Nah, they're both from Europe anyway so, yah, let's start eating! Starting w/ the basic - Pizza...

As you can see, their Pizzas are cooked and served in large slices. I think, if done as a whole pie, this would be the size of around 14 inch Pizza (but if done that way, I don't think it would taste the same... )

Just take a look at this slice of Red Sauce All Meat Pizza...
...overflowing w/ all the meaty goodness in a single slice of Pizza - ham, beef, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, (etc)...

Still, a good Pizza starts w/ a good Crust - and for a food company w/c specializes in bread, the Crust is simply something so basic... I can eat all the toppings first (cleaning it up) and still enjoy what's left afterwards... It's very crunchy, crispy, and simply, a bread on its own already, flavored w/ all taste coming from the toppings on it...

This is actually sliced in bite sizes (around 4 slices) and already good for two (but, this is just for me, hehe)

Onwards, how about some Beef Lasagna, served w/ a slice of toasted Pesto bread...

Another Italian food, but who cares - this is something good, hehe...

however... take a look at what I got...
I almost wanted another order actually... Looks like this is overcooked - BURNT! (or burned, whatever, hehe)

But then again, you can just remove those charcoals... I mean, those carcinogenic things and then enjoy the rest... the burnt cheese is part of the cooking process... underneath the arson are layers of the good stuff - the meat sauce, cheese and lasagna noodles (can't remember if there's a white sauce or bechamel sauce, hehe)... Simply the best Beef Lasagna for me... no further explanation, just try it...

And then, Four Seasons for drinks...
Tastes authentic, but not really sure... maybe just off from the can...

Additionally, The French Baker's signature dish really is this one... This is where French cooking and French baking is served in a delightful (and tasty) manner...

As you can see, this is already a meal on its own.

The soup for the day is served on a bowl of crusty bread. The soft "inside of bread" (whatever's removed inside the bread) is still served along w/ butter. I guarantee you - you can be full even if this is what you order only (provided you have the average appetite and you finish everything, coz some people don't eat the bread, so wasteful...)

Unfortunately, I'm done w/ my two orders - and this bowl would be simply be way too much for me (if not gluttony)...

Of course, as a Bakery, they have a wide selection of... bread (obviously)... I'm not sure if the 50% discount on breads at closing time is still on going, but theoretically, if they guarantee that all breads are baked fresh everyday, then this should be on going...

Some of the other contents in the menu...


Hopefully, this food trip review would entice this somebody to dine w/ me here next time, again... coz, even though I enjoyed the food a lot, it's still best to enjoy a meal w/ a good company..

Til next time!