Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beam Gatling Gun for Blurr

Being one of the fastest Cybertronian on land (and on mouth), Blurr would always have his speed to rely on during adversities. This is very important in his role as a sniper - being alone and isolated in his vantage point means he faces the risk of being outnumbered once he's detected - and when that happens, he can just zoom away.

But if he can't out run them and there's nowhere else to go, he has no choice but to give them a run for their money - with this:

This is a modified CP-3 (Customized Parts) from Zoids fitted with some scraps to form as handles. The result is a large Beam Gatling Gun that be held by Transformers.

CP-3 is alreay quite rare, and it's almost a sin to customize it when you can use common parts. 

But I thought it would be great to see this held by a Transformer, so I tried to fit it to one. All it needs are some handles anyway.


For Blurr, it's not a Gatling Gun - it's  a Gatling Cannon! 

 It's almost as if he can even take on giant Decepticons w/ the weapon this size!

 Size comparison w/ Blurr's vehicle mode...

 ...with the Sniper Rifle...

...and when being held altogether.

Asta la vista, baby! :)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Autobot Blurr's Re-designed / Custom Sniper Rifle

Being a sniper is probably one of the coolest professions there is, and in the world of Transformers, the recent one to be assigned to this function is Blurr.

However, as a toy, I have not been happy with Blurr's Original Sniper Rifle design. It was probably the Cybertronian version of what a sniper rifle is.

Still, I simply cannot appreciate it...

Solution? CUSTOMIZE!

Presenting: My Modified Sniper Rifle for Autobot Blurr. 

It was really just a simple tweak on the : First, I removed the original barrel and replaced it w/ a smooth looking barrel (from zoids) that has a very prominent rifle muzzle (tip). I then added a very long rifle scope (same source) and a rifle stand (zoiders are familiar w/ this rifle bi-pod).

Now, this really is a Sniper Rifle.

It's nice how a simple barrel change could make a great impact on the design of this weapon.

Sniping away! Some parts at the back of his head needs to be trimmed to increase angle for this sniping pose.

The "lens" of the rifle scope. It's made from a clear plastic (from a CD Case, acrylic I think.) w/c I rounded and smoothed. Both ends are made this way.

More sniping pose. He just needs some camo. Hehe

The rifle is now much longer than Blurr himself while in vehicle mode. In the future, I may look for a tweak on how to inculcate this weapon in vehicle mode.

I wanted to paint it actually, but doubting my skills, I just left it this way. The yellow parts that connect the scope to the body somewhat bugs me, but I think it's good enough this way.

It's is my first try on customizing something related to Transformers, and I'm really happy with the results. Also, this is the first of Blurr's custom weapons (which also fits other Transformers that has the same weapon slots) w/c I made. 

Up next is a Giant Gatling Gun so stay tuned to the next entry!

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it!