Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Rise of Bruticus: Part 2 - Meet the team

Note: Go check Part 1 here.

Bruticus is the combination of a 5-member team called The Combaticons. 

They are...


Blast off (Explorer)

Swindle (Munitioner)



Let's get to know them .


Brawl is the berserk of the team, aptly named as a ground assault unit...

... and aptly given this tank mode with double gun (plus 2 more guns from the upgrades)

Vortex' main function is an interrogator...

and of course, air assault as this heavily armed helicopter, thanks to the upgrade.

Swindle (a.ka. Munitioner) is one of the two upgrade units - the munitions expert of the team...

and transforms in to this sleek looking Humvee.

Blast off (a.k.a.Explorer) is the 2nd upgrade unit of the team, takes care of outer space operations...

...via his space shuttle mode

And Onslaught, the team's commander...

and transforms into this Heavy Assault / Multi-function Carrier.

Next time, I'll try to compare how the upgrade kits updated the original release.

Stay tuned!


Update: Part 3 is already published here.

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