Saturday, December 6, 2014

Toy Review: Mix Master - Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

Acquiring Autobot Scoop somehow 'completes' my Revenge of The Fallen Constructicons.

So, to open this series, I'll start with Mix Master.

He is tame looking concrete mixer...

...who transforms into this mean looking alien robot.

Details of face - he almost look like Megatron himself.

Pipe lighting illuminate the eyes if the back of the catches light.

Unfortunately, this unit is one of the hardest to transform - as you can see, I f*ck*d up.

So this is probably the last time I'm gonna transform this one.

I cannot really say much about this unit except that it's a clash of simplicity and complexity - simplicity in the vehicle mode and the complexity of transformation and bot mode.

More to come next time so stay tuned!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Toy Review: Transformers Generations Autobot Scoop

I thought, the only Transformer whose alt mode is a Payloader is the Consctructicon Scrapper - well, I was wrong.

The package comes with a graphic series (comics)... not really that interesting for me...

Here's Scoop in his Payloader mode. Nice and neat and...


The toy clocks in at under 2 inches.

Here's his robot mode with Targetmasters CALIBURST and HOLEPUNCH.

I need to reshoot, hehe :)

I expected CALIBURST and HOLEPUNCH to be just the same mold and a recolor of each other - but it seems, even if they are similar, they are generally different molds altogether.

They transform into these guns...  

...which can be combined to from one large gun for Scoop.

Scoop has other slots to hold his Targetmaster weapons...

...slots which are also available in his Payloader mode, putting it into battlemode.

I probably bought this unit because it has the balance of the vehicle and robot mode, both of which I preffered.

Oh! One last pic (just came in) - if anyone plans to turn him to Scrapper and be the right leg of Devastastator, here's how he looks like. 

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