Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Rise of Bruticus: Part 3 - Weaponize!

If you haven't read the previous entry, check it here

The upgrade kit retrofitted the team w/ an array of kick-ass weapons. 

Let's see who got what.

Brawl was given additional 2 guns which greatly improved his fire power.

Comparison w/ the original weapons.

Vortex was given two grenade launchers and a pair of rocket launchers.

They are usable in both robot and vehicle modes too.

Comparison w/ the original weapons.

Swindle is good enough on his own w/ his default weapon. He is an upgrade unit anyway.

But he can still hold other weapons too nonetheless. 

Beauty in simplicity

Blast off's default is this cleaver w/c I'm not really a big fan of.

Instead, I prefer it to be deployed as large sword.


He can also hold other weapons too. 

And the sword can even be deployed as a tail fin blade in the space shuttle mode.

Onslaught had the most and the best of upgrades of all - a rifle, a pair of missile launchers and a twin cannon.

I prefer that his twin cannon be set up at the back this way. This makes him immobile though.

And because of the upgrade kit, he was transformed from this Rocket launcher...

To this heavy assault missile carrier (without the missile, hehe)

He can carry and transport every team member.

But he is specifically designed to be the shuttle carrier for Blast Off... 

and also a launch pad.

Here's the team in their vehicle modes.

Now that we're done w/ the team, we'll dig in to their combined mode next time. Stay tuned!


Note: Part 4 is already here!

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