Sunday, March 30, 2014

Toy Review: Revoltech's Danboard

In spirit of creativity, my wife and I will join this contest...

...and as of this writing, our entries are already done and already submitted. :)

But before we reveal our entries, let's try to look at the "toy" first.

Presenting: Revoltech's Danboard
Well, this is the back part. I would like to present this first because the photo's quite ironic - for someone who's made up of boxes, he seems to be walking in the rain - or at least walking on a puddle of water.

Isn't that dangerous for him? Hehe.

  Well, that's consistent w/ my wife's initial impression of him - from the pics on the net, he seems like "emo."

Here's the front part. Standard molded plastic in a box.

And more Japanese inscriptions around the box. hehe

Out of the box (but still in plastic casing). More details later.

Ok, here's Danboard... or Danbo for short...

and yeah, he looks spaced out. Hehe. Joke!

But seriously, this is one of the simplest toy that I've owned - that is, if it can even be considered a toy at all.

He emulates a person who's made up of boxes... and that's it. How simpler can it be?

He doesn't have much articulation either - just on the hips, shoulders and neck.

That's it - no knees, or elbows, not even a hands and feet. None - just boxes all over.

But as a toy, it has a gimmick.  

You have to remove the head, look underneath, then set the batteries up... 

...look for the switch at the right side of his head and...

Wow! Lighted eyes! Hehe. Cool!

The package includes a kid's head with a startled expression. Per research, his name is Miura.

I guess, he looks "startled' as he reveals himself to be the one inside the box. 

Also comes w/ a stand. I guess Danbo can be an example of what you can do w/ Balikbayan boxes. Hehe.

For me, Danbo is not a toy.

It's a novelty item - a collector's item for the fans of the manga where it came from (Yotsuba&I).

I'm really challenged by the creative limits of this toy. 

Maybe that's why I joined the contest in the first place - to push creativity to its limits.

But of course, I'm hoping to win something also. Hehe.

I'll reveal my entry on April 2, so tune in.



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