Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The "One Piece" Formula for Happiness

People who dig the Anime series "One Piece" probably realize by now that it shows us a basic formula on how to be happy. (I was about to write "successful" instead of "happy" but I guess that's the better term for now since the series is still on going)

Five keys to Happiness according to One Piece:

1. Set a specific goal
    - Luffy has one goal in mind - that is, to be the Pirate King. And in order to become one, he knows that he has to find the One Piece treasure (whatever it is.) He was never distracted by critics and unbelievers - instead, he uses them as an inspiration to become stronger and more eager to prove them wrong. 

2. Surround yourself with like minded people
     - It's clear to Luffy that he will never achieve his goal alone. He is confident with his skills, but he is also aware of his own weaknesses. Thus, he began surrounding himself with people who, too, are goal oriented like him. He forged an alliance with them, sharing each others strengths and weakness, and vows to make each others dream come true even until death. 

3. Face the challenges ahead
     - Luffy is never afraid of anyone. Even in the verge of death, he will face every challenges ahead if he needs to. He knows that if it's the only way to continue on his journey, then he must overcome it. He can simply ran away from them, but he still accepts the challenges. 

4. Learn from your losses
     - Luffy did not win every battle immediately. He gets defeated too. But always learn from them, and then he tries again, until he finally wins. He needs a few tries for him to defeat some enemies. Determination, persistence in defeat and the willingness to start again - these are probably just some of the reasons why people watch the series.

5. Enjoy the journey
     - In the end, Luffy may never find what he is looking for. Maybe One Piece is just a myth. Maybe the title Pirate King will never be bestowed on him. He may reach the ends of the world, but that may not enough. Thus, why not just enjoy the journey? It's probably the best thing about One Piece - Luffy will always have this positive outlook in life. He's always happy. Always smiling (except when he needs to be serious.) Even when he is about to die, he'll smile.
        Maybe, this is what the followers of the series should also have in mind - that maybe there's no One Piece Treasure at all, but as long as you enjoyed the journey, it makes watching the series it worthwhile.

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