Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Other Side of EDSA

(pic not mine, just found on the net)

I grew up in a house of Pro-Marcos. Although my dad si quite politically neutral, my mom is very supportive of Marcos. I'd like to think that it's simply because they're both an Ilocanos, but let's try to list a few facts and/or rumors during his time:
  • The Philippines is one of the wealthiest country in South East Asia
  • The Peso-Dollar rate is 2 pesos to 1 dollar (some even say it's 1 to 1)
  • The LRT and San Juanico Bridge was built during his time
  • He has forseen the rise of China
  • We are almost rice sufficeint during his time
  • He tried to re-acquire Sabah, but his plan was 'sabotaged' by Ninoy Aquino
  • His downfall/corruption was only due to Imelda
  • It was never proven that he was behind Ninoy Aquino's death 
  • Ninoy once courted Imelda (and so the rivalry)
  • People only became fed up with him after almost 20  years as president
Compared to our current situation and to the presidents after his time, I'd say that he is still the best president in the past 50 years. He might hold a world record for one of the most corrupt presidents, but there are projects that we are still using today. I might not have been there to judge him, but from what I know, I think he deserves to be remembered for his achievements and not just on his failures.

A professor in college told me that History is sometimes a political thing - and if I am to give a concrete example of it - Ferdinand Marcos is the best example.

Happy EDSA Day to everyone, but I hope that you also try to know the other side of the story.


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