Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gundam Double X

The foundation of my love for Gundams is probably the Gundam X series. I was really at awe on the power of the Gundam X Unit even if it seemed still a bit lukewarm - until The Gundam Double X came about.

Gundam Double X is the reversed engineered version of the original Gundam X, doubling its destructive power via the Twin Satellite Cannons. (More of this later)

This 1/144 scale model kit comes w/ an array of weapons. I also got a free gattling gun from the current anime series Gundam Build Fighters.

Rifles and shield is standard to gundams and they are DX's primary weapons.

You gotta love these contrasting colors.

Beam sabers are another standard weapons...

and DX has two of them.

But of course, DX's main weapons are these Twin Satellite Cannons.

The power of the cannons come from those gold fins at the back. They are reflector panels that

You don't want these aimed at you like this.

Check this out.

I also got a gattling gun for free. Nice, eh?

The Satellite Cannon System can be removed from the back.

This really look nice even from the back.

Actually, the only reason why I got this gundam is because of the free movie tickets for the special screening of the Gundam Unicorn Episode 7.

But yeah, I really love this kit, hopefully I can get the 1/100 scale. hehe :)

Thanks for viewing! :)


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